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Social Media

Social Media for Startups

One of the biggest challenges for a new or evolving company is developing a strong social media brand. What platforms should you use? What should you say? How do you make strong connections and build an audience? Honestly, tackling social media is a lot like your first day of college—you might feel lost at first, but the sooner you jump …

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Industry Spotlight
Climate Change

Growing Clamor about Liabilities in Climate Crisis

The aftermath of the overwhelming storm that killed thousands in the Philippines resulted in a global climate change conference wherein emerging countries demanded compensation from heavily polluting countries.  Some are saying this pollution and resulting climate shift is responsible for the devastating storm.  Poor countries now are insisting on a new effort that goes beyond decreasing emissions and adjusting to a …

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Harvard Mit Small

MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program

Public dispute resolution strategies you can count on from the fine folks of MIT-Harvard. Dealing With An angry Public: The Mutual Gains Framework 1. Acknowledge the concerns of the other side. 2. Encourage joint fact finding. 3. Offer contingent commitments to minimize impacts if they do occur; promise to compensate unintended effects. 4. Accept Responsibility; admit mistakes, and share power. 5. Act in a …

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Recent Industry News
Green EU

Ukrainian Conflict Casts New Light on EU Perception of Renewables

Just weeks ago, the BBC and New York Times reported on renewable energy’s lagging popularity in the EU even as the European Commission approved new goals for renewable usage by 2040. Today, though, Pilita Clark reports for the Financial Times that there may be a resurgence of popularity for renewable energy as Russia threatens Europe’s gas supply, which runs through …

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Solar Net Metering

Net metering on the rise in Vermont

 Homeowners in Vermont got a big incentive to consider installing solar panels this week as Governor Peter Shumelin signed state bill H702 into law. The bill, referred to as the “net metering” law, increases the amount of privately produced power that can be sent back to the public grid from 4% to 15% of peak load. The bill also lowers …

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Solar Power1

Hype vs. Reality: will solar win out?

Renewable energy critics have long held that solar power is a boutique investment—one that serves only the wealthy. As solar costs have fallen, though, solar installations have grown to rival the energy output of nuclear power plants. Tax-payer support continues to favor fossil fuels and nuclear energy, but government incentives in favor of solar production are increasing. Will facts outweigh …

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Green Consumer Tips

The Driblet: Your Faucet’s New Best Friend

Water conservation has been a prevalent topic in the eco-sector for as long as I can remember and in light of current conditions in California it’s easy to see why. Despite lurking memories of parents telling us to turn the water off while we brush our teeth and not to run the dishwasher when it’s only half full, it’s all …

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