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Green Car

5 Renewable Marketing Strategies

If you own an eco-friendly company, you know marketing it is of the upmost importance. However, you may want to consider particular strategies that may earn the biggest bang for your buck. Drive a hybrid car–few things better demonstrate practicing what you preach than sporting an eco-friendly car. A hybrid or electric car show that you believe in the renewable …

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Industry Spotlight
Pope Francis

Pope’s Latest Encyclical Calls for Responsible Investments

Last month, Pope Francis issued his second encyclical, titled Laudato Si. Its subtitle “on the care for our common home” sets the tone for his denouncement of consumerism and irresponsible development. His letter calls for “swift and unified global action” to combat environmental, and therefore economic, degradation. As John Streur, CEO of Calvert Investments, explained, the Pope points to “the …

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Geeta Aiyer Joan Bavaria Award

Geeta B. Aiyer Honored for SRI Accomplishments

At a recent Ceres conference, Geeta B. Aiyer, president and founder of Boston Common Asset Management LLC, was honored with the Joan Bavaria Award for Building Sustainability into the Capital Markets. Ms. Aiyers has been a pioneer in the SRI space for the last 27 years, working to expand sustainable and responsible investments in the global market. In the U.S., SRI investments now account for …

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Recent Industry News
Mercury Emissions

Supreme Court Waylays EPA Regulations to Reduce Mercury Emissions

The Mercury and Air Toxic Standards rule hit a roadblock today when the Supreme Court halted further implementation of the policy, which requires coal-burning plants to reduce mercury emissions. The 5-4 ruling said federal regulators failed to properly consider the costs of pollution controls. As such, the ruling will now be further reviewed by a lower court. According to the Washington Post, …

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White House Surpasses Goal, Raises $4B for Green Investments

What began as a $2 billion fundraising campaign to secure investment commitments within the private sector in clean energy flourished into $4 billion. The goal? To help make it easier for the private sector to invest in solar, wind and fuel cell technologies. Institutional investors and pension funds are big sources of these investment commitments, notably Goldman Sachs, University of California, …

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Wind Turbine Wind Farm

Wind Power Stocks to Watch

Wind energy has been a standard renewable power for quite some time, despite bust-and-boom cycles around the globe. With the U.S. production credit coming to an end, there are still wind stocks worth your attention. According to Lazard research, wind power is now the cheapest form of new electricity. Here are some ideas to consider: General Electric (GE)–the foray into …

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Green Consumer Tips

Meet Maestro, the Occupancy Sensing Light Switch

Turning on the lights upon entering a room is not a big deal. But how often do you forget to turn them off when you leave, wasting electricity and burning your bulbs out faster? Meet Maestro, a motion sensing light switch that will make up for any absent mindedness. Maestro detects when you enter the room, and when you leave. …

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