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Social Media

Social Media for Startups

One of the biggest challenges for a new or evolving company is developing a strong social media brand. What platforms should you use? What should you say? How do you make strong connections and build an audience? Honestly, tackling social media is a lot like your first day of college—you might feel lost at first, but the sooner you jump …

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Industry Spotlight
Jeff Eckel

Hannon Armstrong: Paving the Way for a Low-Carbon Economy?

Maryland-based Hannon Armstrong may be clearing the way toward a transition to a low-carbon economy through its equity raisings, REIT structure and asset-backed securitisations. The firm has been making waves with its Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure (HASI) REIT, launched April 2013. Michael Eckhart, global head of environmental finance at Citi, touts HASI’s IPO and other green offerings as “landmark deals.” While enjoying …

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Ocean Vodka

When Life Hands You Salt Water, Make Vodka

Any business that incorporates sustainable practices gets a gold star in our book. But a solar powered vodka distillery using organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water? Bring out the gold medal, because that sounds like a winning combination to us. Hawaii-based Ocean Vodka is the mastermind behind this dazzling business, and given its innate intrigue, we caught up …

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Recent Industry News
220px Giant Photovoltaic Array

SunEdison to Launch Second YieldCo

Recently, Missouri-based SunEdison (SUNE) announced plans to launch a second yield co focusing on clean power generation in emerging markets, such as Africa and Asia. Terms for the yield co have not yet been established, but the company has filed for a proposed IPO with the SEC. Coming off this announcement, SUNE stock was up 3.5%, and their first yield co, …

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Jigar Shah

U.S. Poised To Be Global Solar Leader By 2016

When it comes to the solar market, the U.S. has proven that “slow and steady wins the race,” according to clean energy entrepreneur Jigar Shah. Shah, who recently served as keynote speaker at the Next Generation Solar PV Finance event, believes that once the U.S. achieves global solar heavyweight status, emerging markets will look to copy our model over those in Europe. …

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Warm Planet

CO2 Rising at Much Faster Rate, Report Finds

In spite of the recent EPA Climate Action Plan passed over the summer, levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases rose at a record-shattering pace last year. The surge in greenhouse gases has surprised scientists, spurring fears of an accelerated warming of the planet. Natural carbon dioxide is an essential ingredient for life on Earth, enabling plant-life to convert sunlight into energy. …

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Green Consumer Tips
Bedol Water Clock

Save While You Sleep

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that make the biggest impact. Or at least that’s what Bedol thinks. They create a wide variety of water-powered clocks, including alarm clocks. While most people don’t think about their clocks as non-environmentally friendly, switching to water power can save batteries and unnecessary energy usage. Furthermore, they are highly efficient and can run for …

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SunStar Strategic: PR for Renewable Energy