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Social Media

Social Media for Startups

One of the biggest challenges for a new or evolving company is developing a strong social media brand. What platforms should you use? What should you say? How do you make strong connections and build an audience? Honestly, tackling social media is a lot like your first day of college—you might feel lost at first, but the sooner you jump …

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Industry Spotlight
Ocean Vodka

When Life Hands You Salt Water, Make Vodka

Any business that incorporates sustainable practices gets a gold star in our book. But a solar powered vodka distillery using organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water? Bring out the gold medal, because that sounds like a winning combination to us. Hawaii-based Ocean Vodka is the mastermind behind this dazzling business, and given its innate intrigue, we caught up …

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Climate Change

Growing Clamor about Liabilities in Climate Crisis

The aftermath of the overwhelming storm that killed thousands in the Philippines resulted in a global climate change conference wherein emerging countries demanded compensation from heavily polluting countries.  Some are saying this pollution and resulting climate shift is responsible for the devastating storm.  Poor countries now are insisting on a new effort that goes beyond decreasing emissions and adjusting to a …

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Recent Industry News

It Ain’t Over Until the Crude Oil Sings

With the recent downward slide of crude oil prices, the energy sector has been underperforming for the past several weeks. In fact, the energy sector has been the worst performing sector over the last month. While many investors may see this and decide to throw in the towel on their energy shares, Carter Worth of Sterne Agee actually believes the sector …

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US China Flags

U.S. and China Sign Partnership To Cut Greenhouse Gases

The United States and China, the world’s two biggest carbon emitters, recently signed eight partnership pacts to cut greenhouse gases. This partnership is greatly welcomed by many environmentalists, as their relationship will be imperative to helping to create a new climate pact that can replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. The deal involves companies and research bodies from both the U.S. …

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NASA Launches New Satellite To Record CO2 Patterns

NASA has recently launched the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) to further scientific understanding of carbon dioxide emissions patterns around the globe. This is NASA’s second mission to record data about CO2 after the first ill-fated mission in 2009. The mission will allow scientists to record detailed carbon measurements, contributing crucial information to the incomplete understanding of where all of the …

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Green Consumer Tips
Bedol Water Clock

Save While You Sleep

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that make the biggest impact. Or at least that’s what Bedol thinks. They create a wide variety of water-powered clocks, including alarm clocks. While most people don’t think about their clocks as non-environmentally friendly, switching to water power can save batteries and unnecessary energy usage. Furthermore, they are highly efficient and can run for …

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