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Residential Solar Panels

SolarCity and Tesla: The Golden Children of 2014?

If you had gobbled up shares of Tesla or SolarCity about six months ago, you would’ve raised a few eyebrows. With both companies being heavily dependent on government subsidies, they were, at the time, losing money at an alarming rate. To top it off, these were among the most shorted stocks on Wall Street, meaning many investors were betting on …

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2012 Tesla Model S Fd

Tesla Model S: Where Zoom Zoom Meets Gas-Free Luxury

More than a flash in the oil pan, electric and hybrid vehicles are a trend that’s gaining momentum across the country. Many Americans are embracing these cars to reduce emissions and their dependence on the gas pump, which have numerous benefits for our country. While the Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt and Honda Insight are some of the most …

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Plug in or fill up? State incentives may make it easier to choose

Aside from feeling personally content by choosing to drive an electric vehicle, many local governments are trying to offer incentives to make these cars more popular. For starters, their roadside manners are inviting, with some states granting electric cars access to HOV lanes, which allows for shorter commutes for electric drivers. You may also get a preferred public parking spot …

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