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Low Prices Spark Warnings Of Industry Consolidation

By Conway Irwin Low natural gas prices are likely to persist in the US, which could prompt a new wave of oil and gas asset deals, and potentially industry consolidation. Robust drilling activity, ongoing productivity gains, a backlog of wells awaiting completion, continued joint venture capital infusions, and hedging activities are all helping to sustain an oversupply of natural gas …

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What do the numbers really say about shale oil?

Lately we have been hearing water cooler chatter surrounding investments in shale oil. It seems this is a hot-button issue, cropping up across all forms of media as well. A story ran in The New York Times recently addressing the validity of the claims by natural gas companies. “The gas may not be as easy and cheap to extract from …

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To Frack or Not to Frack?

While shale oil has its flaws, a recent article in The Washington Times by Matt Barber and Jared Barber speaks to the positive impact it may have on our economy and green future. The article, “Energy independence, jobs within reach,” explains that the US actually possesses three times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and enough natural gas to last us …

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