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Alstom SA (ALO)’s declares that EU Nations Should Cut Wind and Solar Subsidies

Giles Dickson, Alstom SA (ALO)’s vice president of environmental policy and global advocacy, suggests that after 2020, European countries should cut subsidies paid to onshore wind and solar photo-voltaic projects and as an alternative, pay more attention on new technology. Dickson said that after 2020, subsidies should make technologies their main focus because they still need support in areas such …

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Hydropower: The Underrated Clean Energy Giant

Hydropower produces more electricity than solar, wind, and geothermal combined.  Also, the four largest power plants in the world are all hydropower.  Hydropower is clearly the largest renewable energy producer in the world right now, but it does not get recognized as such because its growth rate is very slow compared to others in the clean energy field.  While solar …

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China the First Country to Pass 3 GW Solar Milestone

China is now the first country to achieve 3 GW of solar energy.  It has added more than 1 GW since the start of 2013, which is a big part of the world’s total of 3.75 GW added for the first half of this year.  Germany and the United States came next ion the solar energy usage rankings done by …

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Solar-Powered Plane is Almost Completed With Cross-Country Flight

A solar-powered airplane, Solar Impulse, landed in Dulles Airport just outside of Washington DC Sunday morning after a 14 hour and 4 minute flight from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Washington DC will be the plane’s last stop before reaching its final destination, JFK International Airport in New York City.  The airplane’s cross-country trip started in San Francisco and has made stops in …

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Renewable Energy Projects Approved by Obama Administration

The Department of the Interior has announced that three big renewable energy projects have been approved.  Boulder Solar Power’s Midland Solar Project and SolarReserve’s Quartzsize Solar Project will each build large solar farms in Arizona and Nevada respectively.  TerraGen’s New York Canyon Geothermal Project will build a geothermal power plant in Nevada. With the announcement also came the Bureau of …

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Larry Ellison’s vision to green-ify Lanai Island

Larry Ellison is Co-founder and Chief Executive of Oracle. Also, recognized to be one of the richest men in the world, owns the Island of Lanai that he purchased for $300 million from American businessman, David Murdock. Ellison has announced his invigorating and expensive ideas for this 141-square mile island. Apart from building a luxurious hotel and recurring commercial agriculture back …

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Pentagon Awards Over $19 Billion in May to Green Energy Contracts

The U.S. Department of Defense awarded more than 240 contracts in May, totaling $19.4 billion.  They reached agreements with five firms, including Siemens and Exelon’s Constellation Energy Group, to build geothermal electricity generators on or near military bases.  The Pentagon plans to add more companies as well as solar, wind, and biomass energy production units to the deal. The Washington Post …

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Shared Solar Bills Passed in California Senate and Assembly

The California Senate and Assembly each passed bills that will allow a lot more people to use clean, renewable energy.  Senate Bill 43 and Assembly Bill 1014 will give people the opportunity to use alternative energy to power buildings that cannot install their own solar panels like renters, businesses, and schools.  The buildings that choose to sign up for these …

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Renewables Fortify America’s Electric Grid

By Katie Bird Renewables made quite a splash on our nation’s electric grid this January. A total of 1,231 megawatts of capacity were added to the grid, all of which came from renewable sources: wind, solar and biomass. This is a marked improvement over last year, when renewable sources accounted for only a small portion of the added capacity.

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Alternate Energy shines light on Hawaii solar incentives

  Hawaii has the highest electricity costs of any state in the country. This fact, combined with their ample sunshine, makes Hawaii an ideal place to use solar power. Our friends at Alternate Energy recently released data that explains tax credits and incentives for making the switch to solar in Hawaii. Their graphics also point out some interesting differences in …

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